September 2017

Maxime Coton is a writer and media artist living and working in Brussels. He devotes himself to literature in different forms and media, because books are necessary but they are not enough. He has won several awards in Belgium and abroad for his projects (including the latest to date for LIVING PAGES, a VR poem experience). In his artistic work he aims to find balance between poetic and political topics.

For two weeks this past September, IICAT hosted Maxime Coton, a Belgian writer, as he put the finishing touches on his upcoming book Tendre Maquis (The Tenderness We Fight With). The town of Mangalia, relatively empty in the winter, provided a backdrop to Maxime as his writing follows the lives of four millennials trapped in their everyday lives. The writer is currently finishing his residency in Romania, aiming to complete the novel by the end of this period.

The evening starts with a presentation by Ingrid of her work with IICAT and a short artist talk by Maxime, followed by a reading of an excerpt of the novel in French and Romanian. Copies of the reading are provided in the French original and in English and Romanian translations.

* photos by Petre Fall