The Archive Space Project

The Archive Space Project is a curatorial project dedicated to fostering a collaborative relationship between artist and curator. That mission has seen the project grow from a small gallery featuring local, emerging Philadelphia artists to an international nomadic curatorial project exhibiting artists from around the world. Throughout, the Archive Space Project remains committed to expanding accessibility and engagement with the arts while retaining a focus on diversity, equality, and equity in the field.


Initially founded in 2007, the Archive Space began in the Crane Arts building of Philadelphia as a gallery offering exposure to local, under-represented artists during First Friday receptions and Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST), as well as offering artists long-running exhibitions. The Archive Space supported artists that transformed the unconventional Archive Space from a bare-bones space to a professional gallery, mirroring the transformation of the Crane Arts Building from a plumbing warehouse to a thriving artist community. Now, the Archive Space Projects exhibits in partnership with the International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory.


Founder, Curator: Annie Daley

Annie Daley is an artist who currently lives and works in Vermont. She has a BA of Art History and Art from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Daley is a multi-media artist working with various media including photography, performance, sculpture and puppetry.

2014-present Curator: Ingrid Maria Pimsner

Ingrid Maria Pimsner is a painter, arts writer, and educator. Her representational oil paintings depict the people, places and things that are closest to her.

2007-2014 Curator: Rayhan Blankinship

2015 Curatorial Assistant: Soumya Dhulekar

Soumya Dhulekar is a US-based illustrator, born in Mumbai and raised in New Jersey. You can see her work in Catapult Magazine, the Ignatz-nominated anthology Bystander, and in Drawing Power, winner of the Eisner Award for Best Anthology and listed as NYT’s Best Comics of 2019. She is also a member of Maamoul Press.