“Sometimes I Wonder If We’ll Recognize It When We See It”
acrylic on canvas
18″x 24″

The Archive Space Project is proud to celebrate its 10th birthday! Welcome True Untrue commemorates this unique curatorial project’s anniversary by presenting two artists that span the project’s lifespan: Mat Tomezsko and Ben Saint-Maxent.

Mat Tomezsko, Philadelphia-based painter, was one of the project’s first exhibited artist. He was originally featured in our first home in the Crane Arts Building.  In Welcome True Untrue, Mat’s paintings intersperse white text atop brightly colored and layered panels and canvases. The text flattens the canvas and acts a reminder of the role language plays to influences perception. 

Ben Saint-Maxent, a Marseilles-based artist, is one of the most recent artists exhibited by the Archive Space Project. His installations were exhibited in Mangalia, Romania as part of the International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory’s artist-in-residency program.  Ben’s Untitled video was inspired by his visits to Miami. The video explores the hazardous nature of stereotypes by presenting identity through a filter of mistranslation.

International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory 

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Exhibition: Gallery 5 at Emmanuel College, Boston, MA