Spore Spirits: a silkscreen installation  

Start & End Date: Thursday November 14th-December 17th 2014 

Reception(s) Date/Time: Second Thursday November 14th, 2014, 6-9pm

Like the mushroom I may stand out as a funny shaped curious growth on the surface but underneath there is a whole network of ideas, emotions, and inspirations coalescing in my mind just waiting to enrich the environments I enter.
I embody the spirit of a motivational mark making model citizen meditating and manifesting my mark making potential in the form of a spore print.

The circular shape repeat printed around this room was originally adapted from a photo I took of a mysterious mushroom in 2006. I found it while visiting the birthplace of my imagination, my childhood backyard. I soon learned that a single mushroom produces millions of spores, which potentially produces millions more mushrooms, which potentially produces millions more spores. This idea inspires me. The soul or Spirit is the non-physical part of the self that is the seat of emotions and character. Seeking to find inner peace and manifest my own power/destiny, I developed the “Spore Chore” a process that involves Screen printing each individual spore, cutting them out by hand, storing them in bags and cataloging them in a book. This process became very meditative but addicting at the same time. It didn’t take long for me to abandon the meticulous documentation of each individual spore. I grew impatient and wanted to spread my culture. Throwing the spores like confetti at shows and parties, hiding them in books or peoples clothing. Keeping the culture alive. I feel these actions are more true to the nature of the spore. For any mark I make may inspire you to make a mark which may inspire millions more to make an inspirational mark and so on. Each and every individual one of these spores hold the spirit, and potential for me to become a real “fun guy”.