Alexandra Wisniewski

PIXELATED: Paper Weavings

Ferbruary 3rd  to February 29th  March 1st 2012

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  • April 12th – May 8th 2012
  • Reception: Thursday, April 12th 6-9pm
  • Wed-Sat 12-6pm
  • Free & Open To The Public

Alexandra Wisniewski grew up in Northern New Jersey and always found a passion for drawing and painting. Wisniewski graduated from the University of the Arts in 2010 with a degree in Fibers and Mixed Media. There, she explored many techniques that influenced her work, such as sewing, weaving on a loom, fabric dying, surface manipulation, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, and textile design. Focusing on fake hair as her material for her thesis show, Wisniewski made wig dresses. Wisniewski has been working more two-dimensionally recently. Her music creates otherworldly atmospheres that inspire her weavings. Using images from space, pop culture, analog music diagrams, brain diagrams, illustrations of crocodiles, and text, Wisniewski distracts from the familiarity of these images by weaving patterns or manipulating the paper. Exploring collage, abstract shapes, color, and pattern, her pieces are taking a new direction and offer a scope of her obsessive, detail-oriented way of creating.